Free Java Project

Free Java Project

Step ahead to become a professional Java Developer with rigorous practice sessions and complete a Java project.


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Java Project Test
Free Core Java Final Test 2019-20 December 00:10:00

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  1. Management


    The idea of this project is good and i deeply admire it.But the management before starting of batch/class(Java Project) should be improved.

  2. Proper Attention and Guidence


    Sachin Sir is really supportive

  3. 5

    If you learn programming and implemente it then sachin sir is best….



    Sanchin sir is best teacher.The idea of teaching Java through project is very good and I admire the effort of SCA.

  5. Sachin sir is Best


    Best coachng for C, C++ java and java adv.
    Sachin sir is not best only in this institute but in Bhopal
    He is very supportive
    I suggest to join this institute for programming languages by sachin sir

  6. Good


    I admire the efforts by Mr. Sachin sir to implement a free java course just for the sake of students,for both who studied at SCA or anywhere else without taking any kind of fees so for the students who are really interested can develop their java skills including me but not the same efforts are being made by others students at SCA



    I already learned JavaSE from SCA by Sharma Sir, definitely he is good teacher not only he but all staff is supportive and good.
    Only one suggestion I want to give is that with theory classes in regular or alternatives batches of Java core and c++ etc we have to give some time for practical in institute only on another day.
    At last Sachin sir you are GOD of this field .

  8. 5

    sachin sir is a very talented and supportive teacher and the quick responses of the tutors and their guidance make the course effective.

  9. One of the Best coaching institute in Bhopal


    Sachin sir is the best Coach in Bhopal.

  10. Go for it


    supportive staff..
    their way of teaching is also understandable…

    overall best computer academy.. ?



    proper attention on each and every student

  12. The Project Batch Idea is Good


    I really like the project batch idea.As it improves our skills and understanding level.
    On spot practicals make learning easy.



    SACHIN SIR deliver code in this manner that it can easily grasp by us. He is very supportive teacher.

  14. 5

    Sachin Kapoor sir is very supportive for all type of Student and way of Teaching is outstanding …

  15. 5

    I like the way of teaching by Sachin sir as he explain each and every part of the code and the way of giving overview after and before the class is too good.
    My request is that sir please conduct few batches in indrapuri branch also .

  16. 5

    I really appreciate the efforts the whole SCA team puts in for this project batch , I also appreciate the tireless efforts of Sachin Sir. His ability and willingness to teach students is worth appreciation.I thank you Sir for taking up such a great initiative , it has been of great help to us.



    This institute really helped me.Thanks to Sca and especially to Sachin Sir.

  18. 5

    Learning and making projects and more about coding
    is the best part..
    this will be more beneficial for us

    we here not study we learn and comprehension the concepts too..
    thank you sir
    and whole SCA team
    you are the best

  19. 5

    Best Approach to do project is learning well . very important information is provided here. Classes are well planned with study material and well organize quiz .Helps well to new student doing work in java project.

  20. 5

    If you dont know where to start …Sachin sir and SCA is for you.

  21. 5

    Sachin sir is very supportive and best mentor.

  22. Good


    The way of explaining is Awesome.One of the best teacher in my entire life.

  23. Project Batch is Phenomenal!!!


    The idea of having a project batch is really commendable and giving the certification course for free is something that no other institute in Bhopal has ever done before.

    And more importantly, Sachin Sir’s methods and dedication to make every student’s efforts count are unparalleled.

    Hands on approach and practical application done for each module is really helping us get a better understanding of the language and how it feels to work as per industry standards.

    Looking forward to more such initiatives by team SCA and Sachin Sir.

  24. Best institute


    Sachin sir is best.
    All faculty are very co-operative.Thanks SCA

  25. Best academy.


    SCA has always been the best academy. The faculty especially Sachin sir is the best.Open for all Project Batch is a great initiative by SCA.

  26. 5

    Best Learning Point in Bhopal is @SCA.

  27. 5

    One of the best place to learn programming language

  28. Best to learn programming


    As a beginner in programming, all we require is someone,who can clear all our doubts even very easy one.This can be done only when someone has a very good concepts of that language.And for that we are lucky to have a teacher like Sir. Sachin Kapoor. Even after a 20 months in Bhopal,i have never seen a teacher with such a clear concepts and one who can clear each and every doubt of student.And mostly Sir tells our doubt before we tell him.Every student is lucky to have you.
    Apart for that,this project was a dream come true for any student,as we can know what actually we will do with the things we have learnt.It is very good initiative started by them.
    SCA cares most for every student.Thanks a lot Sir and his team.

  29. 4

    One of the best Institute of Bhopal..i am very thankful to all the faculty of SCA and their Team effort.They are very supportive and helpful.They helped us throughout the session.Looking forward to work with you again.



    The idea of having a project batch is really commendable and giving the certification course for free is something that no other institute in Bhopal has ever done before.

    And more importantly, Sachin Sir’s methods and dedication to make every student’s efforts count are unparalleled.

    Hands on approach and practical application done for each module is really helping us get a better understanding of the language and how it feels to work as per industry standards.

    Sachin sir is best.
    All faculty are very co-operative.Thanks SCA.

  31. Best Place to learn programming


    Sachin sir really very supportive teacher.The overall java project was good.
    But the supporting staff of coaching is not so well. The behavior of staff is not so cool.

  32. It's good..


    Overall its best, only problem is that it’s too slow in pace…

  33. 5

    best coaching in Bhopal , nice experience .

  34. Nice experience


    Project batch is absolutely tremendous for the students. and for me it was very helpful… So thank you so much for the free classes of project batch

  35. gr8 initiative


    excellent practical work

  36. 5

    One of the best finest programming language institute of Bhopal !!
    Kudos for SCA !!

  37. Art of teaching..


    I like the way you teach
    Honestly I want to say that your zeal and enthusiasm for the students for their better future makes u special ..

  38. very good experience


    Nice Experience to expain all the thing
    It’s the Best teaching skill.
    mostimportent thik all language we can do the project in

  39. sca is the center for learning programming.


    all things are good….
    sachin sir….very motive person for students.

  40. Best Coaching Institute for Beginers


    This is the place where you get to know how to code.

    SCA works on Learn & Implement Concept…..it offer free project batches after completion of every course which are well planned and provide opportunity of practically implementation of things which you learnt and clear all concepts.

    Thank you so much Sachin Sir and Whole SCA team for you dedication and support.

    you all are the best.

  41. Amazing learning experience


    I’m currently taking this course,
    this course has made me understand the mistakes a person makes as a student and helps them overcome implementing industry standards.

    Sachin sir is a very humble and knowledge guide,the whole team works their best to bring out something good from the students.
    From the heart i really appreciate their work and dedication.

  42. Amazing teaching but Poor Management.


    Sachin sir is doing an awesome work for us, and we really appreciate it . i really like the teaching style of sachin sir. but management is not doing a good job. for example:- Slides(docx documents) are not uploading on time, classes generally starts late. i could have given 5* but because of the poor management its 4.

  43. Best coaching in bhopal


    Although sachin sir is friendly with student but sometimes he goes very fast at that time it is difficult to understand and management team and sachin sir wont be able to focus on each and every student because the class already contains 250+ student and the team memebers are less thats why team management is poor and i suggest that please take less student so that management team can clear the query of student or otherwise do it in two batch

  44. Superb, Sachin sir is Genius..


    No.1 Institute in the Bhopal, thanks all SCA team .

  45. Project Implementation is Good


    This coaching Institute not only provides you learning of languages through theory but also guide you to do practicals and do a project an working app following industry standards.

  46. Best coaching


    It’s make easy your programming life

  47. 5

    Sachin is the experience teacher in not only c,c++ but for all languages like jse,J2EE, python, Django,Herbernate, spring framework…….and so on…..

  48. Experienced teacher..


    I learn coding here in very deeply.

  49. 5

    One of the best project in my student life i have been worked on.

  50. Must Attend Course


    You not only make a project to add in your resume but also get know a lot about the way IT industry work on big projects. You will never have to write even a single word without knowing what it does.Crystal clear explaination is given by Sachin Sir and team is always there to help you if you are stuck even when there are hundreds of students in a project batch you can ask for help anytime and they are always happy to help and make you understand how things work. 🙂

  51. One of the best teacher Pro./dr. Sachin Kapoor Sir


    Best teacher of my life. I will remember you sir forever.
    Way of teaching literally great. Idea of project batch is very good. Thankyou Team SCA.

  52. Best Coaching


    sca provides you a better environment for developing your coding skills in an easy and interesting way…

  53. Best Teacher In Bhopal Dr. Sachin kapoor sir


    your Way of teaching is outstanding. Here I know the real meaning of coding and how we have to work in company/industries. literally i feel thankful that i am studying from you sachin sir

  54. Sachin sir is best


    Sachin sir you gave me a new way to achiev my Goals. Thank you Sachin Sir

  55. 5

    sir i not able to download project notes

  56. 5

    I have learn many new things from java project in SCA. thanks to sachin sir who teaches us new things in java.

  57. increase confident make basis much more clear


    Increase my confidence with much more make my basis
    Please cover your course fast. & specially project between college holiday.

  58. Timings of project is not good


    Although the project session is very very good, sachin sir gives the right direction to the students for their future but the timings are not good, it should be from 7:30 to 9:30, so that all the students can reach their cllgs comfortably, mid sem are also coming so clllg is compulsory, and this is not taken poject schedule, so sir plllz change tour timings, we are facing problems regarding to timings, and this is so in python project

  59. Project slides


    Sir, plz upload the project slides on the same day of class

  60. 5

    Learning a lot from this project.Each and everything is well explained .

  61. Great!!!!


    The all over course was great!! The flow of the course was really smooth. The instructors are awesome!! They helped me with the best of their abilities. I got to learn a lot of useful things in this course. And it was free, so it was definitely worth it. I got one or two issues here and there that couldn’t be solved (therefore i am giving 4 stars instead of 5). The rest was almost perfect. Definitely recommended!!!!

  62. Nice Project


    Nice Project and learn Exellent Gui.

  63. Fabulous


    Great work and good experience

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